Nirwana : 1981

Old Sonor with Roto Toms

At the gig on my birthday with Eden, the keyboardist of the band “Nirwana” (not to be confused with Curt Cobain's Grunge-Nirvana, unfortunately) asked me if I would join their band to replace their drummer, who was currently in Africa, for 3 gigs. 

Wow! I was a popular session drummer, all of a sudden. And also with Nirwana, they were headliners at the gig! Of course I said yes, because I liked the boys' psychedelic hippie sound a lot better than our own music. That was my world! Five much older long-haired boys (they were around 20, wow, adults, I was just 17), jeans that were only held together by the patches and lots of weird stuff of all kinds. And the girls danced around with pantsuits that were way too wide. Spicy. You could only guess what was under there and that made it so interesting for us guys. So suddenly I was playing in 2 bands (I thought), had a lot to practice, Gigs and was completely satisfied with the music. There is also evidence of the gigs with “Nirwana”. Photos and recordings, both kept very safe as usual to protect the people around me. You just can't play that these days, it would be physical harm and would definitely be punished :-) 

Back then we found it deadly cool and unsurpassed, definitely the best thing that made music in the city at that time. This is one of the few things I've learned from the inevitable getting older: you are not exactly humble in your youth and often it is not really appropriate to be proud of yourself. After the 3 jobs I was fired, I was a bit offended even though it had been agreed in advance.

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